Growing up

I’ve been observing that I’ve been experiencing a lot of “firsts” in my life. It’s been ten years or so since I’ve “left the nest”, so to speak, and sometimes I find myself feeling a bit surprised when I do something yet again for the first time. It’s as though I thought that I could use them all up and not have any left (silly thought),and the fact that I do gives me a strange bittersweet feeling. I say to myself “Oh, you just lost another virginity” which is sad right? That’s something you can’t have back once you’ve lost it. Then on the upside I feel relieved because chances are I’ll have another virginity to lose on another day-in fact I have a whole lifetime of firsts to experience and virginities to lose.
I feel I subconsciously measure my progress through life in first times. Maybe we all do. Parents hold our firsts like a treasure in their heart from our first breath, first day of school, first date. I think first times are like milestones in life that mark the beginning of an end, but as long as you keep having them there’s hope that you’ll have another and fear that you won’t. Firsts make you aware of your mortality and remind you to cherish every moment.
I guess that’s why first times are so important and why people feel the need to celebrate them by saying things like “I just wrote a blog for the first time!” Seeing as how I plan to write about a lot of the firsts going on in my life, I will try to restrain myself from making it a regular announcement. I’d also like to ask forgiveness from my readers ahead of time, just in case I do express my pride excessively:-)


Welcome to my very first blog!

Well, I’ve never done this before. I don’t suppose there is any way that I could possibly mess things up writing about what inspires me, my creative interests and odd events in my life. So welcome to hobbies habitats and homes! It’s sure to be a bumpy ride 🙂